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Water Gun

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Large Capacity Squirt Guns - Water capacity is better than most squirt guns, up to 150cc capacity. These kids squirt guns provide your boys or girls with hours of fun. Less recharge and more tense and exciting water fight in a summer pool Wide Range - Shoot far, shooting range up to 20 feet. Longer firing range and much more fun than similar sized squirt guns. Much easier to submerge your target during outdoor water games Great Value Toy Squirt Guns - These are well-made squirt guns that are a good size and hold a lot of water. Easy to use for children and jets of water really far. Our high-quality squirt guns are designed to prevent water leaks. How can we do it? Simple, volume and smaller margins. At Toy Life we ​​want you to have high quality, non-toxic and safe toys. These super fun squirt guns will amaze you Easy to use water gun: Step 1: Fill the water tank. Step 2: aim at your target. Step 3: Pull the trigger to soak your target